There is a plethora of information available online regarding abortion. Yet, it’s crucial to understand that abortion involves more than just taking pills or undergoing a simple intervention—it’s a major medical procedure. You are entitled to top-notch support and care, as well as complete information to help you make a decision that you are fully comfortable with.

Carolina Pregnancy Center is here to support you with a judgment-free zone to get quality pregnancy services and get informed about abortion, as well as your other alternatives.

Discuss Your Options Confidentially

We understand that every unplanned pregnancy is unique. No matter what you’re thinking about, whether it’s abortion, adoption, or parenting, you probably have concerns about what the future holds, and these worries can be daunting.

Our center won’t push you toward any particular pregnancy option. Instead, we’ll provide you with factual information about each choice, including abortion. While we do not offer or refer for abortion services, we are committed to helping you make a well-informed decision.

Moreover, if privacy is a concern for you, please be assured that all discussions, services, and appointments at our center are confidential. Your well-being is our priority.

Get More Information About Your Pregnancy

If you meet the criteria, you can get a no-cost limited ultrasound with us at Carolina Pregnancy Center. An ultrasound unlocks key information about your pregnancy you’ll want to know.

For instance, do you know how far along you are? An ultrasound will help determine your gestational age so you can know which options are available to you at this stage.

Ultrasounds also help identify miscarriages and ectopic pregnancies, the latter of which can require immediate medical attention. In both cases, an abortion would not be the right solution for your particular case.

Get Free Pregnancy Services

Take charge of your health by visiting Carolina Pregnancy Center. We offer free medical-grade pregnancy testing, limited ultrasounds, and more support services so you can get the care you deserve.

You can take advantage of these services today by contacting us.