Since babies never come with instruction manuals, we provide Earn While You Learn (EWYL) classes. EWYL is an educational program that teaches you the basic fundamentals of parenting. It’s designed to help you become the best parent you can possibly be.

Earn Rewards

By attending these classes, you get the opportunity to earn some of the things you need to care for the physical needs of your baby. Items like diapers, baby wipes, clothing, and even toys are made available.

How Does It Work?

EWYL is an individualized education-based program for all expectant moms and dads, and current parents of a baby or toddler. “Mommy Money” is earned by keeping your appointments with your mentor once a month. At each appointment, she checks the “homework tasks” you have been assigned since she last met with you. Upon completion, you can use your “money” to “purchase” necessary items.

What Does It Teach?

Everything from pregnancy, childbirth, child development, parenting skills, and more is the focus of these one-hour sessions. You will be coached by a caring and knowledgeable mentor throughout each class.

Parenting can be a challenging, yet rewarding, adventure. Every parent has questions and wonders, “How am I going to take care of my baby?” We’re here to provide answers to your questions and the resources to help you. The classes are free so take advantage of all we have to offer!

Parenting Classes

Do you want more help with parenting? These classes are open to EWYL clients and the general public. We have free classes on Monday’s from 10am-12 pm. The class schedule will be updated monthly with different types of classes. Breastfeeding classes are offered every month.

**PLEASE NOTE – Carolina Pregnancy Center is moving to a new location around February 2024. Because of the lengthy process of moving, we will not be offering any of our regular Monday morning classes from November 20th – March. We hope to start Monday classes again in March or April. Please follow our Facebook page (Carolina Pregnancy Center) or Instagram @cpcspartanburg for updates.