Facing an unplanned pregnancy can cause a whole range of emotions. Sometimes, women feel under pressure to make an abortion decision.

How do women react to an abortion experience? There’s not one answer because every woman is different. Keep reading for more details on the mental health effects of abortion.

If You Are Struggling, You Are Not Alone.

After an abortion, women can feel relief, sadness, loss, guilt, or a mixture. Research shows that at least some women experience negative mental health impacts after an abortion.

These can include anxiety, depression, substance use issues, and suicidal thoughts or behaviors. However, every woman can react differently.

Some of these reactions can be mild and are helped by talking with a friend or family member. However, some reactions can be more extreme and require professional assistance. 

Sometimes, there are no symptoms immediately. It can take months or years for feelings to surface. 

Mental Health Risk Factors

Certain risk factors can make women more likely to experience negative mental health issues after an abortion. 

Perceived Pressure to Abort

Whether it exists or not, if a woman feels like those around her are pressuring her to abort, she may do so even if it would not be her first choice.  She may feel like she would have no support if she were to carry to term. 

Conflicting Moral Beliefs

If a woman has always believed abortion was wrong and now feels like she has no other choice, it can cause distress after the procedure. 

Existing Maternal Desires

Women sometimes really want to be parents, but the timing or partner does not seem correct, or they ignore their maternal feelings. Those existing maternal feelings may cause distress after the pregnancy is over.

History of Mental Health Issues

Women who already struggle with their mental health could potentially trigger or aggravate their existing conditions by getting an abortion.

Where Can You Find Help?

If you have experienced an abortion and need help, Carolina Pregnancy Center’s support team would be glad to speak with you. You are not alone!

If you think you might be pregnant, our medical personnel can provide a free lab-quality pregnancy test and, if you qualify, a non-diagnostic ultrasound. We can also give you information on all your options. 

Contact us today. We can walk alongside you every step of the way.