If you had an abortion and want different options this time, you can consider either parenting or adoption. First, do you know for sure that you are pregnant?

Sometimes, pregnancy symptoms can be deceiving. They can also be signs of the flu or an impending period.

At Carolina Pregnancy Center, our experienced medical team can provide you with a free, medical-grade pregnancy test so that you can be sure. We can also give you comprehensive information on all your options.

If you are struggling emotionally due to a previous abortion, we also offer support services to help you.

Let’s take a look at your two additional pregnancy options: adoption and parenting.

1. Adoption

In an adoption, you carry your pregnancy to term and then place your child with a loving family committed to raising them.

You can choose the family that will adopt your child. The potential adoptive families you evaluate undergo careful screening, background checks, and home studies.

You can also decide which adoption plan would fit you best:

  • Open Adoption: You have direct communication with your child and the adoptive family.
  • Semi-Open Adoption: You communicate through a third party, like an adoption agency or attorney.
  • Closed Adoption: You remain anonymous, and you do not communicate with your child or the adoptive family.

If the conditions in your life may make parenting seem impossible, adoption could be a great alternative.

There are many adoption agencies in South Carolina. They can inform you of more details and the financial assistance you can receive. We can refer you to reputable adoption agencies in our area.

2. Parenting

If your pregnancy was unplanned, the thought of having and raising a child can seem complicated. However, there are more resources to assist you than you might think.

South Carolina’s WIC program provides nutritional assistance for mothers and babies. Other state and local programs are also available.

At Carolina Pregnancy Center, we have a program called Earn While You Learn.  This provides a program to teach you parenting skills while earning points to redeem necessary items for your baby.

We can also provide community resources and support that can meet your specific needs. You are not alone!

What’s Your Next Step?

Schedule an appointment at Carolina Pregnancy Center. If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy, we are here to answer your questions and provide helpful services.

No one should have to face an unplanned pregnancy by themselves. We care about you!