Dear Friends~

I hardly know where to begin because my heart is so full. Several times in the last few weeks, our staff has gathered in my office to have a time of praise to the Lord for all that He has done and continues to do! At times I have felt like I was drinking His goodness out of a firehose. His mercies have been gushing before us.

At our recent CPC Gala I shared this story that I want to share with you. I hope it will be encouraging to all of you who have supported us with your treasures and your prayers. Recently, one of our volunteers was diagnosed with cancer. She was communicating with one of her clients, who no longer lives here, to let her know what was going on. Lynn poured herself into Sylvan. When she came to CPC she was very abortion minded. Lynn patiently listened and kept the communication of love and truth going. When she decided to parent, Lynn even threw her a baby shower with the help of her small group. Fast forward three and a half years, with permission, I share Sylvan’s response to Lynn’s news: “I hate to think of you going through such a thing. I’ve been diligently taking parenting classes since October of last year. Ozlan and mine’s relationship has grown and strengthened tremendously. My adoration for him came to be something I never saw myself as being capable of. This whole experience, motherhood in its entirety and every beautiful moment spent with my child is a result of your unyielding compassion for life and the fact that you saw his beauty and potential before I even cared to try.”

My friends, that is such a vivid example of what can go on at CPC on any given day. It’s not just the fact that we see clients, perform pregnancy tests, give out diapers, formula and clothes, it is about connecting with these men and women and establishing a relationship. It’s about sharing the Gospel message with them that offers real hope and a future. Your prayers and gifts (no matter what) truly make a difference and enable us to continue to be here. Thank you!

I am sure that you have heard that our mobile ultrasound unit is here! It is beautiful and just so much more than we could have ever dreamed when we began this journey in 2019. We know that the Lord has plans for it that we can’t even fathom. Shortly we will take it on a little tour so that many more people can see it. We are planning to have a dedication soon. Be watching for an email so that you can come and join us for this celebration of the Lord’s goodness to us.

It is an exciting time around here. We hope to see dirt moving on our property very soon. We just have a couple of hoops to jump through to make that happen. Pray with us about this project! With the Dobbs case hopefully being decided in our favor and the ultimate decision coming back to the states, we anticipate being even busier! A larger office is a real necessity, but we know God’s timing is always perfect!

With such a grateful heart!

Alexia Newman