Dear Friends~

As many of you have probably heard by now, Roe v Wade has been overturned and returned back to the states where it belongs. We want to take this opportunity to celebrate this win. We have all worked towards this moment for over 40 years and we have officially seen the overturning of Roe in our lifetime.

We are also sure that many of you have seen the vandalism on the pregnancy center in Asheville in anticipation of the Supreme Court ruling on the Dobbs case. If you didn’t see it, they spray painted in huge red letters, “If abortions aren’t safe, neither are you.” Windows were broken out and there was other graffiti on the walls. A pro-abortion group claimed credit for this and other attacks around the country. I encourage you to google their threat and get a glimpse of their future plans. Even with all this hate directed toward these precious servants, did they run and hide? No, they continued to see client that very afternoon. They know WHO their defender and protector is! They are not afraid and neither are we! Our Sheriff is aware of everything and he will do what needs to be done to keep us safe. We have installed cameras and are taking other precautions. Most of all, YOU are praying for us. We are receiving messages from you daily and it encourages us to know you stand with us! THANK YOU!

With the overturn of Roe, we will continue to do what we are doing. Our client load will drastically increase. Our budget will increase. Our need for volunteers and prayer partners will increase. Just last week, a lady gave her heart to the Lord. It was beautiful to see her face and the counselor’s face as they left that day! Such joy! We covet every opportunity to share the love of Jesus! We will not cave to threats by any group because the battle is the Lord’s.

We had our first day of Vacation Bible School yesterday. It was a blessing for the clients, their children and our volunteers. We had a wonderful time at Cleveland Park with singing, crafts, a Bible lesson for children and moms, and a great lunch. I can still hear the laughter from the playground and the conversations with moms and mentors. Our next one is July 25th, if you would like to help in some way, please contact Becca or I. We will gladly plug you in.

Even though it is the first day of summer, Madison has already begun to work on our golf tournament! Mark your calendar for Saturday, October 1st, at Village Greens Golf Club for this fun day! If you are interested in playing, being a sponsor, or providing a prize, please contact It fills up fast!

The mobile ultrasound unit is almost ready to hit the road! If you are passing by and you see it parked in the parking lot, please stop by and take a look! We are already checking out places around the county where we can park and see clients. It will be great to begin taking the mobile unit to make a difference and save lives. We are so blessed!

Keep watching our property for dirt to begin moving! Our engineer is working to get us ready! We can’t wait! There is certainly a lot going on around here and we covet your prayers as we continue to do the Lord’s work. We serve an awesome God!!!

For His glory!